Rights for D.C. — Get Educated!

The District of Columbia has no senator and only one representative in Congress, and that representative cannot vote.  Perhaps people around the nation know this, perhaps not.  But of those who do, how many know that we also lack power over local matters?  That although we pay two sets of taxes (federal and District) like anyone else, Congress determines whether the laws we pass to govern ourselves locally can take effect?  For us, the issues of voting rights and statehood are not only about having a say concerning national matters, but about self-determination.

This week, the organization D.C. for Democracy, along with other D.C. citizens groups, is going to Charlotte to chat with delegates in and around the Democratic Convention, to further a process of educating other fair-minded citizens of our country concerning the full parameters of our situation.  More on that in the days to come, but, as a beginning, I highly recommend this superb short video:  Dreaming of Statehood:  D.C. Democrats Share Their Feelings.


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